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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As we approach Father’s Day it’s time to think of some Father’s Day gift ideas. It’s often difficult to decide just what we want to buy at this time of the year. Make sure you plan a nice meal or go out somewhere to show your appreciation this Father’s Day. There are so many gifts to choose from so are some amazing gift ideas that are sure to please dad.
There are some amazing gifts you can but for dad such as a travel alarm clock with a case for the father who’s always traveling. For the father that’s working all the time a nice globe for his office would be ideal or a nice sterling silver bookmark. A Laptop bag or a business card holder would make other lovely additions to his office.

Personalised Items
Some simple gifts the children can give their father are key rings with personalised messages such as “I love you” or “Dad is #1.” These small gifts can mean so much to any dad and they would be welcomed. Try a key ring and add some customised art like a drawing from your child into the key ring. Crystal tumblers in a set of two make a good gift for mum to give the man in her life. Sit at home and relax with a good drink on that special day. Buy a hip flask or a nice pewter mug for his favorite ale. Small personalised gifts make all the different for dad.

Relaxing in Style
Dad works hard all day and when he comes home relaxing is in order. A nice comfortable robe is a good option for Father’s Day gift ideas. Try a hooded black or white cotton robe for added warmth. A bathrobe is a welcome gift for relaxing after a long shower or soothing bath. Buy some fragrance or nice soap to go along with the gift or a bottle of his favourite cologne. Get a tiger print robe and bring out his animal side. Robes make an amazing gift of comfort for that hard working father.

Personalise That Suit
The office is dad’s home away from home so personalise his suit with fun, attractive cufflinks. Buy cufflinks with cute saying on them or personalise them with a date such as your wedding, birth of your child or other important even in your lives. Purchase colored cufflinks to match his suit so he looks great at that next business meeting. Cufflinks are a great gift idea for dad. Add a nice tie and you have a complete gift for dad this Father’s day.

Great Gifts
You can find some amazing gifts for your father. Be sure to personalise your gifts or have them engraved since this just adds to the gift and gives it a special touch. This will make your father feel special and he’ll enjoy his special day. Father’s Day gift Ideas don’t have to be difficult just use your imagination and you’ll find the right one.

Easter by Holly for Aston's of London

One of the most celebrated events within the Christian calendar is approaching and here at Aston's of London we have pulled together a veritable feast of gifts for you and your loved ones!

Easter is a time for celebration and thanks and is widely recognised in the modern world. Behind the celebrations of both religious and non-religious groups lies a wealth of history from a cross section of faiths...

The Christian religion believes that Jesus was crucified on a Friday and then resurrected 3 days later. This crucial event has been celebrated throughout history in the form of a banquet on Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday.

It is on this Sunday that the Christian faith also marks the end of the period of Lent; a time for prayer and penance.
Lent traditionally lasts 40 days but is calculated differently through the various denominations.
At the culmination of Lent and the beginning of Easter the feast begins.

This feast takes various forms across different denominations and although it is celebrated primarily on Easter Sunday amongst Christians, the Roman Catholic Church marks the occasion with an 8 day feast known as the Octave of Easter.

Despite falling on a different date every year Easter is always on a Sunday and although a moveable celebration it must also fall on the first Sunday after the first ecclesiastical full moon, (occurring on or after March 21st - The Equinox).

As well as the traditional commemorations of Easter amongst denominations all around the world, this time has also come to be celebrated in other ways by the modern world by both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Some current symbols, that we have come to relate to Easter, actually pre-date the life of Jesus Christ.
The Easter Bunny for instance, is a hugely popular character associated with this period but is in fact of pagan origin.
Rabbits have always been a symbol of fertility and the ever-popular egg is the mark of new life and opportunity; often thought to have magical powers.

The ways in which we come to celebrate Easter seem to be evolving with every generation but the reason for its being will remain deep seeded in history.

This year Easter Sunday falls on the 12th April and, during the current times of economic uncertainty it is more important than ever to get back to the basics, pay thanks and rejoice with your family and loved ones.

The charm of Easter is especially important for children and we have a collection of gifts available for all ages. We have bunny embroidered first shoes, soft and cuddly spring lamb toy and even a sleep training alarm clock with adorable bunny rabbit theme.
To view the entire collection of children's and adults Easter gifts please click here for the most delectable of Easter treats for all ages and an assortment of lovely gifts just waiting to be personalised with a name or message.

We are now offering a complete gift wrap and hand crafted cards service so there's no excuse not to treat that someone special this Easter. Just make sure the spirit of this special time is remembered and celebrated in style.

Mothers Day by Holly for Aston's of London

Mother’s Day is firmly on the horizon now and the chances are you are looking for the usual token of thanks for the ever-true and always reliable woman in your life; your beloved Mum. 

As a valued customer of Aston’s of London, we have pulled together a bit of background information on the quickly approaching, Mother’s Day with the hope of inspiring you with gift ideas and reminding you why it is a day for celebration.

The history behind Mother’s Day goes back to the times of The Ancient Greeks, who would honour the Mother of Gods; Rhea.

For centuries now the tradition of Mother’s Day has been upheld in a variety of ways and is celebrated globally.

The United States, Italy, Denmark and Australia, to name but a few, celebrate the occasion on the second Sunday of May.
In Spain, Mother’s Day always falls on December 8th, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. During this time it is not only the Mother in one’s family that is honoured but also Mary; the Mother of Jesus.

Over to France, Mother’s Day is on the last Sunday of May and it is then that a decorative cake, resembling a bouquet of flowers, is presented to the Mother at a family dinner.
The custom in Britain was first recorded in the 17th Century and involved apprentices and servants returning home from their duties for one day in order to visit their Mothers. History tells us that they would often take with them a gift, usually something known as a ‘Mothering cake’ which would consist of a fruit based filling.

As time went on, however the tradition began to dwindle, indeed by the 19th Century it had almost died out.
Mother’s Day in Britain experienced a renaissance of sorts after World War II, when American serviceman brought into the custom and it gradually became more commercialised.

Today in the UK the custom is often criticised for being over commercialised by the greetings card industry but love it or loathe it Mother’s Day is now bigger than ever!

Falling on the fourth Sunday of the month of Lent in the UK, the exact date changes every year.
This year in the UK, Mothering Sunday falls on 22nd March, so you’ve not got long to decide how to continue the tradition for your own special Mum!

Here at Aston’s of London we are spoiling you for choice…

To treat your Mother to; vintage look handbag mirrors, crystal ornaments, stylish photo frames, heavenly potpourri or ornate jewellery,
or select from our extensive range of personalised presents for something that bit out of the ordinary, simply click here

We also have a brand new range of handcrafted Mother’s Day cards and are offering a gift wrap service, available on request. Please contact our customer services team on 020 7193 7390 for more information.

Hopefully that gives you more of an appreciation for the day and our range of luxury gift products will provide you with the perfect treat with a genuinely personal touch.

We hope you find what you’re looking for and wish you and your Mother a very happy Mother’s Day.

Valentine’s Gifts from Aston’s of London

Valentine’s Gifts from Aston’s of London, the perfect treat for your sweetheart...
Whether it fills your heart with gladness or your head with sadness, Valentine’s Day is here to stay so why not use the most romantic day in the calendar year as an excuse to show that special someone just how much you care.

Every year on the 14th February people all around the world fall head over heels for the idea of love in celebration of St. Valentine. Although there are varied arguments around the origin of Valentine’s Day there is no commonly agreed upon version. Some believe that the celebration of Valentine’s Day stems from the martyrdom of a group of saints named Valentine or Valentinus whom the Catholic Church recognises today. Others argue that Valentine was a priest serving in the Roman 3rd Century. It is said that Emperor Claudius II ordered that no more marriages were to be conducted as men would be of better use as soldiers. The legend has it that Valentine defied this order by performing secret marriages for young lovers and was put to his death when found out.

For many people the fact that the history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in so much mystery simply makes it more exciting and romantic. Indeed, whatever the reason behind the day’s origin, it has certainly become big business.

It is estimated that over a billion greetings cards are sent worldwide over the Valentine’s period, making it the second most popular day of celebration, behind Christmas!
Aston’s of London choose to believe that wherever the roots of Valentine’s Day lie, the day itself deserves to be recognised. Even if it’s just an excuse to eat more chocolates or a ploy for stolen kisses we’re stocking up on stamps and reinforcing our letterboxes in preparation!

If you’re looking for something as unique and individual as they are, or you simply think they deserve a change from the standard super market bunch of flowers, then you have come to the right place. Aston’s of London specialise in selecting quality gifts for both him and her and Valentine’s Day is our idea of gift heaven!
So, strike whilst Cupid’s arrow is red hot and view our tantalising collection of Valentine’s gifts. We have grouped the most swoon-worthy gifts together so take your pick; we’ve everything from silver plated champagne flutes to novelty cufflinks and plenty in between, including a chocoholics hamper and a super sweet teddy bear that you can personalise with a message of your choice.

If you want to say ‘I love you’ with a genuine and personal touch then we have just the gifts for you, as well as the above mentioned teddy bear we also have a range of other products just waiting for your own special message. We also stock a select assortment of hand-crafted greetings cards that can be personalised as you like.
Click here to shop our Valentine’s Gifts range and add some old-fashioned romance to the occasion or call 0207 193 7290 for more information on gift wrap and our exciting personalisation service available on a range of quality gifts at Aston’s of London.

Christmas Article by Holly for Aston's of London

Christmas Gifts for one and all from Aston’s of London...

With the season of goodwill quickly approaching, most of us have begun to count the remaining pre-Christmas paydays and started to draft those all important Christmas Gifts shopping lists! Here at Aston’s of London we specialise in quality gifts, making us your perfect choice at any time of year but especially helpful at Christmas!

For most of us Christmas is a magical time, filled with cosy nights in with a mulled wine and jolly nights out with friends and family. It may be frosty and bitter cold but the air is warmed with the anticipation of Santa! The build up to the big day is so immense that you just can’t help getting excited about it all. We make no excuses; Aston’s of London love Christmas and all that it stands for and we want yours to be as merry as it possibly can be...

As we know, Christmas Day was traditionally a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but today, the 25th December is celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival. Whether you mark the occasion with a visit to church or simply a big turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas is undoubtedly a highly anticipated time of the year for many of us...not just the children!

Speaking of the children, Christmas is particularly magical for the little ones and if you’re anything like us you’ll want to make it as special for them as you possibly can. That means carolling, nativities, costume making, dressing the tree, baking gingerbread men and of course; presents! Aston’s of London has tried to make things easier for you by pulling together some of our top gifts for children into one fun-filled page. We have everything from advent calendars to cuddly Rudolph as well as an extensive collection of gifts available to be personalised, these include Christmas tree baubles, Christmas sacks and breakfast sets. Plus if you have any new additions to the family that will be celebrating their first Christmas this year then why not check out our adorable 1st Christmas bib and bootie set! Simply click here to view our Christmas Kids range and get them involved in even more fun this Christmas.

Now for the big kids! We adults deserve some festive cheer too and with that in mind we have created a Christmas Gifts portal just for you. This means you don’t need to go trawling the shops or the web, for that matter, in search of the perfect gift; we have a fine selection that’s a mere click away! Our Christmas Gifts are an enticing medley of all things scrumptious and are guaranteed to put a smile on a loved one’s face this Christmas.

The Christmas Gifts collection features everything from an extravagant personalised champagne and crystal flute gift set to heavenly hampers. We have a games compendium for the young at heart and a variety of delectable chocolate treats for the sweet toothed amongst you. Click here to start shopping for Christmas Gifts today.

In case that’s not enough to boost your spirits and cajole you into the festive swing of things, we’d like to remind you of the personal touch that Aston’s of London is famous for. As well as the variety of personalised gifts on offer we also have a premium gift wrap service available plus an array of unique hand-crafted Christmas cards for that added touch of Christmas cheer. 

Click here to go back to the Aston’s of London home page and start exploring your way to a truly enchanting Christmas or call 0207 193 7290 for more information on gift wrap and our exciting personalisation service available on a range of quality gifts at Aston’s of London.